About Me
Back in 2021, during the pandemic, I found some time to think about people with special needs. I contemplated how we’re no longer teaching them cooking, home management, budgeting, or easy car maintenance skills. Rather than teaching them to be self-sufficient, we are creating a dependency on others for the rest of their lives. That’s when I decided to start Alpha Behavior Strategies (A.B.S). People with special needs are deserving individuals: they want respect and love in life, not pity or charity. This is only possible when people are independent and have a career they are passionate about. With my strong determination, I know I can also help future generations. Despite being inclined toward assisting those with special needs, I love helping those who don’t. I work every day with a vision of a healthier society that aids people to grow successfully and become the best version of their self!
How I Work

career help

The pandemic of 2021 gave me the opportunity to consider how I can best use my gifts and how I can help others. My previous experience helping people excel in their careers came to the rescue, and I started Alpha Behavior Strategies (A.B.S). Having the gift of intuitively seeing the hidden talents in people, I can help them find their dream careers. Not only do I coach the people with special needs for life skills, but also, I help the people who are stuck in their careers. Whether you need help writing a resume, building your confidence, or navigating the job search process today, I’m here to help!