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Make Your Life Easier (Starting from scratch)

If you are living on your own for the first time or are just having trouble keeping things together, we can help make things a little easier.

Put Your Best Foot Forward (Both tabs)

Along with job exploration, we assist in creating or editing old resumes and cover letters to give you best representation of your knowledge and skills for the employers you are interested in.

Job Seeking Skills (Both tabs)

When looking for a job, it can be hard to know where to start. We help with assessing skills to decide the best direction and help determine the best fit for you! We help you affirm your career goals and interest to make sure that you are going to a job you love!

Job Preparation and Development (Both tabs)

We can help prepare you for the interview process and help build your confidence and comfort level, starting from day one.

Home Skills (Starting from scratch)

When it comes to basic home skills, we can help with budgeting, preparing meals, learning chores, learning organization, and time management.

Excel in Your New Role (Starting from scratch)

Beyond job coaching and learning relevant skills, we assist in onboarding and helping make sure you have success in a new role and help in growing in competence.

About Me​

Back in 2021, during the pandemic, I found some time to think about people with special needs. I contemplated how we’re no longer teaching them cooking, home management, budgeting, or easy car maintenance skills. Rather than teaching them to be self-sufficient, we are creating a dependency on others for the rest of their lives. That’s when I decided to start Alpha Behavior Strategies (A.B.S). People with special needs are deserving individuals: they want respect and love in life, not pity or charity. This is only possible when people are independent and have a career they are passionate about. With my strong determination, I know I can also help future generations. Despite being inclined toward assisting those with special needs, I love helping those who don’t. I work every day with a vision of a healthier society that aids people to grow successfully and become the best version of their self!
How I Work

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The pandemic of 2021 gave me the opportunity to consider how I can best use my gifts and how I can help others. My previous experience helping people excel in their careers came to the rescue, and I started Alpha Behavior Strategies (A.B.S). Having the gift of intuitively seeing the hidden talents in people, I can help them find their dream careers. Not only do I coach the people with special needs for life skills, but also, I help the people who are stuck in their careers. Whether you need help writing a resume, building your confidence, or navigating the job search process today, I’m here to help!

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Alpha Behavior Strategies is here to help with all of your career and life needs, whether it be at home, finding a job, or excelling in a current position. In addition, to offset any burden that may be present, I work with clients to take advantage of all Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)-funded financial support. Let’s connect soon to get started!

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